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The best hits, nonstop, from the hot and happening capital of Spain! HIT FM is young, actual, with rythm and daring... We are the radio that "hits" you! We offer the hits from the future, non-stop, before enyone else!

"HITFM"Playlist :

  • Katy Perry -Y - California Gurls -Y - One Of The Boys -Y - iTunes
  • NOSEHAENCONTRADO -Y - Pills & potions - nicki minaj -Y - NOSEHAENCONTRADO -Y - NOSEHAENCONTRADO iTunes
  • Macklemore -Y - Thrift Shop -Y - Thrift Shop -Y - iTunes
  • NOSEHAENCONTRADO -Y - Get lucky - daft punk & pharrell williams -Y - NOSEHAENCONTRADO -Y - NOSEHAENCONTRADO iTunes
50 25 15 5

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Listen to over 4,000 radio programs with just a click. HITFM is one of the countless internet radio stations that you can listen to for free. Take advantage of the variety the web radio world has to offer, and let other stations worth listening to be recommended to you. HITFM is just the beginning.

Station type and format

  • Station type: Radio Station
  • Format: MP3 Stream 128kbps